Persian Gulf Marathon

3rd I run Iran | 42K | 21K | 10K

KISH island | Friday 1st March 2019

Travel info

Is Iran safe to travel?

Iran is a very safe country for travel and tourism. Unfortunately, because of politics and mass media the image of Iran does not reflect the local situation. Iranians are very generous and most helpful towards western tourists and foreigners.

What about visa regulations?

There is NO visa obligation for Kish island and you can stay up to 2 weeks. Your entry can be secured at the international airport upon arrival. Upon request at Kish airport your passport will NOT be stamped. Iran Silk Road can provide UK and US citizens with a letter of invitation to state the purpose of their travel to Kish. Unfortunately Israelian passports are not valid for travel to Iran. For travel to Iran mainland a visa is required and you can apply online for an electronic visa which will not be attached to your passport.

How to fly to Kish?

The easiest way to fly to Kish is from Dubai with Kish Air. It is just a short 40 minutes flight across the Persian Gulf. Check flight schedule Dubai-Kish and flight schedule Kish-Dubai. Other ways to fly to Kish island are from Tehran Mehrabad and Shiraz international airport. In case you fly via Iran mainland foreigners need a visa upon arrival at the airport for transfer to connecting flights to Kish island.

If you book an Orange or Gold package your return flight to Kish is included in your travel package and Iran Silk Road takes care of your flight ticket reservation.

How to pay in Iran?

1mlnRial_PersepolisCash only! Paying with western debit and credit cards is NOT possible because of restrictions imposed by American financial institutes. Foreign currency can be exchanged into rials at local banks and money exchange offices. So do not forget to bring enough foreign currency for your personal expenses in Iran! By booking and paying your travel in advance you avoid having to take much cash.

Iran has the Rial but in daily conversation Iranians use the word tuman when they refer to their currency. You get the amount in Tuman by leaving one zero of the rial price. So 10.000 rials is 1000 tuman.

How is the mobile network and internet?

Iran has an excellent mobile network. Most western providers have roaming contracts with their Iranian counterparts. If your own provider does not offer the option of roaming, you can buy a low cost pre-paid sim card on Kish island. Internet is widely available  but maybe not as fast as you are used to. Many hotels offer free WIFI. Some websites are filtered depending on local restrictions and calling by skype might not always work.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Once you have registered and paid we expect you to participate in this running event. In case you cannot participate because of medical reasons we try to be as flexible as possible to give you a (partial) refund. Please bare in mind that prior to the event cost have been made for your participation.