1st Persian Gulf Run (Kish island)

March 1st 2019

1st Marathon of Iran (Persepolis)

April 9th 2016

Runners info

What to wear?

Dress code applies for Iranians and foreigners visiting Iran. In general dress modestly to respect local customs and religion.

Men cannot wear shorts when walking in public in the city. Short sleeve shirts are okay. During sport activities rules are flexible and it is possible to wear running shorts.

Women are obliged to wear a headscarf or sports bandana (so that your hair will be covered). A T-shirt with long sleeves and a running pants can be a good choice. Please keep in mind that the length of the T-shirt can not be too short ( T-shirt must cover your hips). You may not wear shorts or skirts showing  bare legs . The photos on this section gives you an idea about a dress code for men and women.

Is there a final reward or prize in this marathon?

The main goal of the Persian Gulf Run is to promote international friendship,  build bridges and break barriers. An honorary medal is awarded to finishing runners. Prizes are awarded to winners and runners-up.



How is the weather?

Nothing as hard to predict as the weather. But in general Tehran has a nice climate in the spring. In April temperature varies between 20 and 30 degrees Celcius. An incidental rain shower is not uncommon during the month of April. Average height of the marathon route is about 1200 meters above mean sea level. So take your time to acclimate.


Are there water stations along the route?

Yes, along the route there will be at least 7 water stations with energy food like dates.

What about time limit and timing?

The cut-off time is 6 hours.

Do not count on a sophisticated timing system. We recommend you to bring your own timing/GPS watch for exact timing of your run.

Are there showers at the finish?

We will try to arrange this. Ofcourse if you would like to be sure of a refreshing shower or pool book one of the hotel packages.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Once you have registered and paid we expect you to participate in this unique event. Also because your BIB number has been issued and cannot be allocated to another runner.

In case you cannot participate because of medical reasons or unforeseen family circumstances we try to be as flexible as possible to give you a (partial) refund. Please bare in mind that prior to the event cost have been made for your participation.

US, UK and Canadian passport holders need a visacode to obtain their visa. In case we are unable to secure your visacode your entry fee will be refunded.

Travel info

Is Iran safe to travel?

In general Iran is a very safe country for travel. Unfortunately, because of politics and mass media the image of Iran often does not reflect the local situation. Iranians are very welcoming and helpful towards western tourists and foreigners. We hope you experience this during the first Tehran International Marathon!

How and when do I get my visa and visa invitation?

This depends on your nationality. For further information read our visa section. To timely arrange your visa invitation it is very important that you follow the procedure and send us all required documents as soon as possible!

How to pay in Iran?

1mlnRial_PersepolisCash only! Paying with western debit and credit cards is NOT (yet) possible because of restrictions imposed by western financial institutes.

The official currency of Iran is Rial but in daily conversation Iranians use the word Tuman when they refer to their currency. You get the amount in tuman by leaving one zero of the rial price. So 10.000 rials is 1000 Tuman.

Euro and dollar bills can be changed for rials at the local banks.

So do not forget to bring enough euro/dollar bills for your personal expenses in Iran!

How is the mobile network and internet?

Iran has an excellent mobile network. Most western providers have roaming contracts with their Iranian counterparts. If your own provider does not offer the option of roaming, you can buy a low cost pre-paid sim card in Iran. Internet is widely available in Iran but maybe not as fast as you are used to. Many hotels offer WiFi. If not available you can ask for a 'coffee net' internet shop. Some websites are filtered depending on local restrictions.