Persian Gulf Marathon

3rd I run Iran | 42K | 21K | 10K

KISH island | Friday 1st March 2019

Breaking Barriers by Building Bridges

5 years ago, I came up with the idea of organizing an international marathon in Iran. Mainly because of my positive experience with street running in Amsterdam, Athens and Yazd. Running creates a positive energy. It inspires and unites people with a different background. The interaction between runners and supporters along the road is unique. So why not in Iran…

First International Marathon in Iran

At the First International Iran Marathon near Persepolis on April 9th, 2016 the people of Marvdasht displayed their warm hospitality towards 150 runners from 30 different countries. They proved that running reaches beyond borders. It crosses bridges and breaks barriers between nations.

Why not again…

After this successful first edition of ‘I run Iran’ an even more challenging idea came up. To organize a second I run Iran in Tehran, capital of Iran. The plan of this First Tehran International Marathon also dubbed TehRUN was born. And what would be nicer than to have runners rounding the Azadi monument, proud symbol of 2500 years of Persian culture and history. The 7th of April 2017 at 7.00 AM more than 600 runners from 42+ different countries started at the Azadi stadium in Tehran. TehRUN became the most international Iran sport event in 35 years.

Start to finish

Organizing a marathon in Iran has proven to be a tedious task. Convincing local authorities, getting permits and local support, promoting the event, international payments, travel assistance, street traffic control and securing the streets. Constrained by a limited budget, a small taskforce and a challenging political climate we managed to run Iran!

3rd edition 2019 on Kish: marathon island by nature

Despite all difficulties of the first and second edition we are determined to make more steps to safeguard international friendship from newly erected walls. Next edition 2019 of I run Iran is on Kish island. Male AND female runners are invited to participate in a 42K, 21K and 10K island run.

Join the Persian Gulf Marathon on Kish island on Friday 1th of March 2019.




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