1st International Iran Marathon

Saturday 9th of April 2016

4 days of Iranian Food | Culture | Sport


We invite people from all over the world to join us!

The I run Iran project is about more than running. We invite men, women and children from different cultures and continents to participate. To discover, to enjoy, to eat and to celebrate together. This  Iran marathon project intends to create New Horizons!

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Preliminary Race Results

Winner: Farzollah Rostami (Iran) 2:43

Runner-up: Mahmud Faraji (Iran) 2:48

Third: Abdulrahman Mirzayi (Iran) 2:56

Ladies First

Mahsa Torabi I run Iran marathonFemale runners Mahsa Torabi and Elham Manoocheri were the first to run this Persian Marathon. Both of them finished and the I run Iran organizer has  proudly awarded them with their well deserved medal!I_ran_Iran_marathon-Elham

Run for friendship

I run Iran marathonOrganizer Iran Silk Road travel and Team I run Iran made many steps to clear the path for New Horizons.

Over 250 participants from 35 different countries helped achieving this goal by celebrating together!

At this event runners and visitors get to know Persian culture, history and food.

This official Iran marathon is endorsed by local Iranian authorities, the Iran Athletic Federation and Iran Tourism Organization.

A Persian marathon


All participants gathered near the impressive Shiraz city gate for a transfer to the start. The marathon started at Naqshe Rostam and the rock tomb of Dariush the Great. It passed by Persepolis’ Gate of all Nations. The finish was at the mysterious Zoroastrian cube.

The Persian king of kings Dariush the Great decreed 2500 years ago to embark on an expedition to conquer Athens. At the town of Marathon the Greek men fought the Persians.

In modern times the marathon has become a symbol of peace. Athletes from different nations ran together in unity!

Run to inspire


This first marathon of Iran intends to inspire a young Iranian population to run for fun. Most sports in Iran are practiced indoor and street running is not common.  The event is the start of a campaign for running as an outdoor sport and recreational activity.

This event is the start of a campaign to run for fun aimed at young iranians

Run to protect



Let's run to safe the fastest runner in the world: the Iranian Cheetah. This beautiful animal is near extinction because of us humans. Fortunately some Iranian people are trying hard to safe the lives and habitat of these fastest land animals in the world. A cheetah can reach a running speed up to 120 km/h. That is running a marathon in less than half an hour!

I run Iran contributes in fundraising and awareness to safe the Iranian Cheetah.

Discover the real Iran


This international sport event offers a unique chance to discover the real Iran. Shiraz is the city of poets, splendid Persian gardens, the nightingale and the Shiraz wine grape. And soon to be the city of the first Iran marathon! Its inhabitants are generous and well known for their laid-back lifestyle.

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Participating Countries